Iwai Shigeaki

Born in Tokyo. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Shigeaki Iwai makes works investigating the self-referentiality of communication from a critical point of view. The basis of his work is to question and explore various significances and values in contemporary life. Recent works deal with issues of communication and multicultural phenomena in cities and rural areas around the world. He often conducts long-term fieldwork research prior to an exhibition. Iwai attempts to represent and reconstruct local communities or traditions in a contemporary way utilizing a range of media including sound, text, video and installation.

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Projects

2008 "Seeing words / Writing images" Hokkaido Museum of Literature, Sapporo
2008 "Field of Nusa" Tokachi Millennium Forest, Hokkaido (on going)
2006 "Dining Time" The Japan Foundation Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand
2005 "Bad signs bring good fortune -Asahi Art Collaboration" Sumida Riverside Hall Gallery, Tokyo
2005 "Looking for Hayafusa Hideto" Nishi-sugamo Arts Factory, Tokyo
2003 "Guide post Hiroshima" Mitsubishi park side tower Street gallery, Hiroshima
2002 "Presentation-Interpretation Shigeaki Iwai 1991-2001" Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo
2001 "Could you guide me around? 'cause I'm just a tourist from Japan" IASKA, Australia
1998 "Dialogue" P3 art and environment, Tokyo
1997 "Dialogue" Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima
1997 "Life Size" Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
1996 "Criterium 14" Contemporary Art Center ATM, Mito
1995 "Life Size" Gallery Q, Tokyo
1994 "100 Hummings" Plus Minus Gallery, Tokyo
1993 "small works" J2 Gallery, Tokyo
1992 "Morse Code -one night exhibition" Rontgen Kunst Institut, Tokyo
1992 "Untitled" Gallery MYU, Tokyo
1991 "2048 Sounds" Gallery Q, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions and other

2009 "55th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen" Germany
2009 "Singapore Fringe Festival '09"Gallery Substation, etc., Singapore
2008 "Scratch Tile Open Studio" Yokohama
2008 "Food and Contemporary Art part 4" BankART1929, Yokohama
2007 "In Repose" Umbrella Studio, Townsville, Australia (on going)
2006 "Work in Chiba Art Network 06" Chiba City Museum, Chiba
2005 "The 4th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival" Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
2005 "Yokohama 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Yokohama
2005 "Interweaving Cultures" Jim Thompson House Museum, Bangkok, Thailand
2003 "Feast/Hospitality" rum46, Aarhus, Denmark
2003 "The Translator's Note" Cafe gallery projects London, UK
2002 "Demeter" Tokachi international Contemporary Art Exhibition, Obihiro Racetrack, Obihiro
2002 "Asian Comments" Horn-Loudspeaker Park, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 "Out of Site" John Curtin University Gallery, Perth, Australia (traveling to other cities throughout Australia till 2004)
2001 "Spirito dello Scambio (Trading Spirit)" TENT.CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000 "Weihnachten 2000" Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen,Germany
2000 "Septima Bienal de la Habana" Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredlam, Havana, Cuba
2000 "Wisselgeest (Trading Spirit)" Studioventicenque, Milano, Italy
1999 "The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1999 "The 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale" Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka
1998 "ARCUS" open studio and work shop, arcus studio, Moriya
1996 "KLANG RAUM" Kunst Raum 34, Stuttgart, Germany
1996 "FKKPS" Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
1995 "The Age of Anxiety" The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
1995 "Triennale Kleinplastik 6" S.westLB Forum, Stuttgart, Germany
1995 "Vision of Sound" work shop at Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
1995 "Work shop, The Univercity of Sodan Art" the part of professor of sound art, Contemporary Art Center ATM, Mito
1994 "Tskui 94 - Out Door Exhibition" Tsukui
1994 "Chicken Farm and a Sound Artist", performance for J.Cage "Rolywholyover A Circus" Contemporary Art Center ATM, Mito
1994 "Double Booking" Gallery 360, Tokyo
1993 "The Ginburart" on the street in Ginza, Tokyo
1993 "The Tuning of the World" The Nickle Art Museum, Calgary, Canada
1993 "Morse Code" TRUCK; an artist run center, Calgary, Canada
1993 "Sound Garden 5" Striped House Museum of Art, Tokyo
1992 "MODEL HOUSE EXHIBITION" woodyland, Tokyo
1992 "The Apostles of Art" Gallery Q, Tokyo

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