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March 25, 2008

video presentation in Hanoi

I will produce a video clip introducing the daily life in Tokyo at the request of Japan-Vietnam Cultural Association foundation which organizes an interchanging event “Sakura Festival in Vietnam 2008” taking place in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.The work is compilation snapshot video of the urban life through eyes of Vietnamese living in Japan.
The average age of the people in Vietnam is late twenties, and not my generation but the younger Japanese generation holds the key to the future of the interchange with Vietnam now.It is not realistic for each other to approach drastically with deep interest under the present condition, but on the other hand a new interchange which smoothly shares the common background widely spread in Asia seems to be expected.

The clip will be shown on the projector at Hanoi Horizon Hotel (preview) on 5 April, and at Vietnam International Convention Center (Ngoc Khanh Road / the main hall) on 6 April. Also this clip is to be broadcast on a national TV program after the festival.

projection-1.jpg projection-2.jpg projection-3.jpg

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