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July 09, 2008

Field of Nusa

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The project “Field of Nusa” has started to exhibit in Hokkaido (the northern part Japan). Spending two years, and produced by more than 5,000 participants all over Japan, the works made of about 7,000 pieces of white ceramics were installed in Tokachi Millennium Forest, Hokkaido. The motif of the works is "what we would like to leave 1000 years later" that each participant considers. The installation this time is the first stage, and the production workshop is planned to be continued.
The location is the grass on the hill surrounded by deep forests and swamps. The silhouette of the gentle slope turned a 400 square meters of hillock into beautiful heights. A young beech tree was planted at the center of the hilltop, and pieces of white ceramics were laid circularly around it. Standing in this site, you will feel the breath of nature, and at the same time the handwork engraved on the numerous pieces of ceramics will remind you of each tiny life of the people. Also, these works are expected to have viewers for 1,000 years ahead. The gap that gives you a little dizziness because of the small and private creatures against the grandeur of nature around them will create a unique atmosphere in this site. Starting from the first stage this time, the aspects of the works that coexist and change with nature for the future will be exhibited permanently.

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