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September 02, 2008

Family as between ordinary and extraordinary

The long-term video project which was planned for the past few years has started in Thailand. This is a project of collecting the images of usual family lives, doing workshops with the local residents in three ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.
I think that the confrontation of “the universality and the vernacular” which is inherent in the basic unit which constitutes a community called a family, or "the formalization of the lifestyle by globalization and preservation of a tradition style" actualizes itself on the boundary of the every day and non-every day in a family life. At the same time,
the ambiguous boundary of the concept of "the documentary and the fiction" which the expression technique of an image has will be verified in this project.

family-1.jpg family-2.jpg family-3.jpg family-4.jpg family-5.jpg family-6.jpg

During my stay in Bangkok from July, the participants were collected in the workshop carried out mainly by the students studying film and video. The various details of 11 families have been videotaped so far. Some of the videotaping developed into collaboration with the participants and both of us tried to catch the family’s figure full of life. Consequently, the moment that a family’s every day changes into non-every day was certainly perceived and we succeeded in recording some of them. The project in Thailand will be carried on until 10 September. The same project will be carried out in the other two countries later on. The completion of the work as the whole (the contemporary images of family) will pass through the process by finally analyzing and editing the detail images collected in the three countries respectively. I will keep you informed of the progress here.

Thanks to API Fellowship, the realization of this project became possible. I also got full support from The Jim Thompson Art Center in Bangkok for the substantial activities in Thailand. Moreover, The Japan Foundation Bangkok office gave me an opprtunity to present this projrct. I very much appreciate their cooperation, and above all, I am very thankful to the participants and their families for accepting the collaboration.

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