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January 06, 2009

'A Light Sleep' in The Singapore Fringe Festival '09

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I have been in Singapore since 10 December. I have been working on the multicultural communities as a subject matter for a commission of Singapore Fringe Festival '09.
This festival mainly consists of performing arts, but Fringe Gallery (a section of visual arts) is also rich in content. I selected 'Lullaby' sung in the home as a topic for the festival theme "Arts & Family" this year. 'Lullaby' functions as a medium of telling the cultural background and the atmosphere of generations as well as a song to make you sleepy. Moreover, unlike the traditional events, 'Lullaby' has a distinction that it is handed down from generation to generation on totally private level without any obligation or restriction by anyone else. Collecting these lullabies in Singapore makes it clear that there have been cultural fusion and elimination.

Interesting facts that the effect of Malay children's songs compiled by the government in the 70s, local songs translated into English by mothers who gave up taking over the native language, and the children learning the songs not from their parents but from their foreign maids will be reflected in my project. The works will be installation room consisting of the voice of 'Lullaby' collected in Singapore and the image acted by the local collaborators.

7 to 18 January 2009
* Artist talk on Friday 9 January at 7:30pm
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily
Venue: Gallery, The Substation
Admission: free
A Fringe commission & World Premiere

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