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April 05, 2009

'Family as between ordinary and extraordinary' the second phase in Indonesia

Followed by my stay in Thailand last summer, I am having the second phase of the journey to record details of modern families here in Indonesia. Staying in a big city Jakarta and working on the project for more than six weeks, I am surprised to find the variety of definitions of family people give. It is undeniable that family is the main element to support the structure of the community. Even in a big city like Jakarta, it is surprising for Japanese city dwellers like me to find that they have never lost their instinct and skill to form, function and keep the community.

ghalib S.jpg bowo S.jpg shigit FS.jpg
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While I am staying here, I would like to record how the young people find themselves in Muslim social custom as well as to search these backgrounds. It can be said that the gap between the way young people think and the traditional way of thinking in the Muslim life in which the external appearance of individual belief is emphasized is easy to be clear in their family. However I believe Indonesian young people have their own ways, which are different from catering to the westernization and the rebelliousness because of their age.
…the reason what I would like to mention cannot help being vague is that explaining this atmosphere in text is not the final purpose but intending to express it to appeal to people’s senses in visual images to the last.

In carrying out the project, Ruang Rupa, forum lenteng, the artists community in Jakarta and Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta cooperated with me a lot on this project. I very much appreciate their support, and I am extremely thankful to my friends in Indonesia especially Arahmaiani and Krisna Murti for their proper suggestion.

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