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October 24, 2009

Project 'Family as between ordinary and extraordinary' the third phase in the Philippines

This video project was continued in the Philippines from July to Sep. 2009 in two places: Metro Manila and Santiago City in Isabela province. In Manila, Green Papaya Art Projects, which has been the leading organization in the alternative art scene in Manila since 2000, coordinated the workshop and interviews with students and young artists. I was also invited as a resident-artist by the director, Yuan Mor'O Ocampo at Balay na Santiago, an art center in Santiago City. There were various people with different occupations and age groups. The participants in two workshops totaled fifteen. I visited and shot videos on eleven families. In urban areas in this country, it seems that there are many interracial and intercultural families. Family life there is influenced by Catholicism. It is also said that ten percent of the population works abroad. I attempted to explore the theme thinking of the relationships of the workers abroad and the families left in the Philippines.

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The families I met through the projects had some sense of discomfort within the families. In other words, they had something like “gaps” within. But the families had accepted the aspects of gaps and solved them in their own ways to be a part of everyday life and then formed their own family lifestyles. The will to transform those gaps into something positive is the creative act and origin of drama that emerges through our daily lives.

After this, I plan to prepare several opportunities to present the edited video footage from whole project, to people from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, now living in Japan. By doing this, the two different viewpoints are cross examined: my vision which is the one of the artist staying abroad to record through the eyes of outsiders and the one of the expatriate looking at their homeland away from home. I would like to reexamine the standards of common interpretation between the two groups on meanings of each scene from my shootings.

Thanks to Green Papaya Art Projects, Ms.Karen Flores of CCP, Ms.Mariko Sorimachi of Cordillera Green Network and Mr.Yuan Mor'O Ocampo. I very much appreciate their cooperation, and above all, I would like to express deepest gratitude to the participants and their families for accepting the collaboration.

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