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May 30, 2010

video installation "Family Snapshot" in Manila

Two-channel video installation titled ‘Family Snapshot #3’ can be seen in Manila, The Philippines now. This opportunity is a part of group exhibition for 10th Anniversary Celebration of API, titled ‘Creative Index: An Exhibition’ which is including works by 18 artists at 5 exhibition spaces in Manila. My video installation is as part of the group show at 'ART INFORMAL' where is known as one of active artist-run center since 2006.

FSS-2.jpg FSS-1.jpg

About the work, please refer the following extract from exhibition catalogue.

-With this work, the artist sought to create a real family with people from a variety of backgrounds ( e.g. race or religion) as members, and attempt to critique the fixed definition of family, as a vital institution that has not been questioned. Iwai sets a premise that a family is “a collective body of separate individuals, “when in fact, without the effort to maintain the family’s unity, it can easily fall apart. -

Creative Index –An Exhibition
Ten Creative Years by the API Fellows
May 28- June 13, 2010
Curated by Joselina Cruz
Shigeaki Iwai’s video installation is exhibited at:
ART INFORMAL, Mandaluyang City, Metro Manila
Tel: 63(2)7258518

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