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January 12, 2011

Introduction for you, who are foreign residents in Japan; On going art project 'Newcomer’s View' for 'Immigration Museum Tokyo'

newcomer's view flyer.jpg IMM-1.jpg IMM-2.jpg

Please Join Us in the Project “Newcomer’s View” For Up-coming Immigration Museum Tokyo.

What is the “Newcomer’s View” Project?
Through art projects, we offer opportunities to citizens to get to know different cultures - cultures of people who came from outside of Japan, who now living in their areas in outlying parts of Tokyo. We also intend to offer people from different countries places and chances for exchange. We would like to start the project creating networks by communicating with families and doing research on new and realistic viewpoints of different cultures. Our goal is to make a collaborative work to be exhibited at the Immigration Museum (tentative title). Our future plan is to open the Immigration Museum in Koganei City, introduce various cultures, and promote exchange among local communities.

Please Join us!
We are recruiting non-Japanese families and individuals in the areas to join us in the project. We would like to research your unique cultures through the key concepts: “Preservation, Adaptation, Merging.” Interviews, photo sessions, and collaborating in creating artworks are planned. Can you tell us interesting differences between your own culture and Japanese culture?

This project is a part of “Artful Action,” an initiative to promote art and culture in Koganei City, started in 2009. A collaboration of committees consisting of citizens, local government and universities, its purpose is to make Koganei city life more attractive. Participants should enter this project with full assurance of our best intensions.

E-mail: imm.tokyo@gmail.com or info@iwaishigeaki.com
http://artfullaction.net/cn13/pg116.html (Japanese only)
Address: 'Chateau Koganei' Bld. 2nd floor, 6-5-3 Honncho Koganei-City, Tokyo, Japan 184-0004

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