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June 30, 2011

“Turning Visions” the screening to support Fukushima

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“To be honest, I felt sad when I heard the people confessing their mixed emotions of becoming victims of the earthquake. But when I saw the images of the boundlessly cheerful people, which were just the opposite of their confessions, I realized that until the earthquake hit, they too had been living ordinary lives, just like us. I was encouraged by the film,” This is a comment we received from one of our audience after our first screening session. I think this comment summarizes the meaning of why we are hosting this screening to support the victims.

People are searching for way to “empathize.” By curious coincidence these four short films, which were created four months before the earthquake in a workshop held in Iwaki, Fukushima, are now bringing us closer to Iwaki with a sense of “empathy”. We have realized that these films have enabled us to easily cross over the borders that had automatically emerged between the victims and supporters. What we are doing is screening the works created by those who unwillingly became victims and charging a fee that we redirect as relief money. I think the victims find it comfortable to accept this form of support.

We have chosen the phrase “Turning Visions” as the title for this project. Initially, when we held the workshop, the phrase referred to the positive effect of transforming the ordinary everyday into interesting images from creative viewpoint. Now after the disaster, we are placing our hope in this phrase in order to “shift” from these trying times to a better future. If you are willing to support the screening project to support Iwaki, please contact us.


We’ve already held three screenings of the project in Tokyo area. Now we are trying to expand the area, If you have interest to manage the screening (as charity) or need further information, please contact to info@iwaishigeaki.com

Turning Visions website (Japanese only)

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