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March 10, 2013

"NEWCOMER'S VIEW 2013" A Pilot Project for The Immigration Museum Tokyo

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We are pleased to hold the third “New Comers’ Views” exhibit as a part of the pilot project for launching the “Immigration Museum Tokyo”.This exhibit is constructed in two new perspectives. First is the “Communication Project by the Citizens” in which the ordinary citizens create artworks based on interviews with foreigners living in the same community about their cultural backgrounds that are inherent in their current lives. Secondly, we curated works by the artists who are originally from outside of Japan now live in Tokyo. Their artworks show how their daily lives here have influenced their ideas and thoughts.

In our past exhibits, we aimed to obtain our own viewpoints that are free from any preconceived notions and prejudices; to achieve that, we tried our best to watch and feel the lives of our “new neighbors” with as diverse looks as possible. I believe that the above-mentioned two perspectives would give us even a broader horizon and another angle. Of course, each expression includes much more viewpoints and awaits for the audience’s viewpoints to be added. We hope this exhibit will trigger more dialogues.

-A Pilot Project for The Immigration Museum Tokyo-

・Dates 3/3/2013 - 3/23/2013
・Hours 14:00-19:00 (closing time depends on events)
・Venue Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F (6-5-3, Honcho, Koganei)
5 minutes walk from JR Musashikoganei Station (Exit South).
・Admission free

[participating visual artists]
・Golmaryam Masood Ansari (Iran)
・Jaime Humphreys (UK)
・Liu Lushan (China)

[member of "intercultural communication project by local residents"]
・Kitagawa Miko
・Furuta Yumi
・Tomita Haruka

You can down load PDF of the exhibition flyer(English&Japanese) from the following link.

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