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September 08, 2013

SunRice Art Project at Coleambally, NSW, Australia

Sunrice Poster.jpg sunrice mill.jpg

For the start of our Contemporary Arts Partnership with SunRice company at Coleambally NSW Australia with photographer Mayu Kanamori and sound-based artist Vic McEwan, we have been working with SunRice staff, rice growers and community members to re-imagine the site.

I feel a sense of coincidence in planning this project, because I’ve just started to live in Akita prefecture a well-known rice growing country in Japan. And this region has many interesting local culture strongly related to the rice growing.

We are trying to collaborate using our different skills, and we plan to show the result at the SunRice rice mill on Saturday 21 September. The presentation could be like a tour and a journey through art works installed in the mill site.

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