iwai shigeaki


Catalysts Dream in the Afternoon


A collaboration work with nine students from Chiba University on the basis of the hypothesis that the students themselves living temporarily in the region can be catalysts which induce chemical changes to the community. The students who are all from different parts of the country are called "catalysts" and their small wishes to change their residence, Chiba were realized as "Catalysts' Wishes" in many places in the city. "Catalysts' Wishes" are based on the nostalgia for their home of the students' senses of time and direction, community, and historical views, and the difference of dialects. Some of them overlap the imagined scenery of the newcomers coming into Chiba and its vicinity in recent years.
After the exhibition in Chiba City Museum of Art, mainly the record of the realization of their "wishes", the documentary film "Catalysts Dream in the Afternoon" (2007) was produced.


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