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100 Hummings 2048 sounds (bolts and soybeans) Bad Signs Bring Good Fortune Between the Ears Braille Series COIN LOCKER EXHIBITION Chicken farm and a Sound artist Could you guide me around? 'couse I'm jusut a tourist from Japan.
Dialogue Dining Time For Listening to the Music Guide post Hiroshima Kiku Sadud Rak Life Size Looking for Hayafusa Hideto In Repose
Million Mama -The Message on the wharf- Million Mama (video version) Moriya-Kodaira Sister Cities Project Morse Code Red Shoes (vanishing point #1) Renovation with a stranger Catalysts Dream in the Afternoon self-introduction about names
Snow Upopo Untitled What's in a name? wisselgeest / spirito dello scambio (Trading Spirit) Re-placements A Light Sleep Field of Nusa  
oto no aru katachi junior action ranking! jibun ni jikoshokai watashi ga kangaeru jibun rashisa image dentatsu game photoessay of 24 temporary nest project Hikarigaoka Tourist Information Centre
recovery of the past viewpoint Seeing words / Writing images Reading / Writing; one scene from moving images          

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