iwai shigeaki


Reading / Writing; one scene from moving images

Date: 5 days between Feb. and March 2008.
The subject: 72 pupils in the fifth grade of Horigane Primary School, Sayama City Saitama Prefecture

The movies created all around the world are not only to telling a story but also consisting of various fragments which indicate a specific age or cultural aspects. In point of fact, often a short scene which may look unimportant or nothing happen to include vivid and necked realities. Such kinds of scenes would be selected carefully and shown to children. They attempted to read hidden information (intended, potential and wide range of meanings to interpret). During the four-day session, scenes from about fifty films from all ages and civilizations were read by the children. After the reading experience, children were divided into 16 groups of four or five. Each group had selected 'one scene' from their own everyday life. They reproduced and shot the 'one scene' by video camera as 'writing activity' by themselves. On the last day, the 'one scene' video works were presented and discussed by the children.

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