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Seeing words / Writing images

Date: Sep 18 -24 2008
This workshop for the citizen was held as a part of Iwai's solo exhibition entitled ‘Seeing words / Writing images'
The subject: five advertised participants from different generations from teenagers to the fifties.

The one week intensive workshop focused on creativity about 'reading (=input)' and 'writing (=outcome)' which become obvious when we attempted to replace an expression by text with another media. By using five favorite novels chosen by participants, each participant tried to create one scene in the novel into the within 60 second video images. In order to decide how to catch the image, participants and special staff together considered making script, continuity, gadget, setting, costume and special effect. Also they had been discussing each different interpretation to be realized for creating strong images from the scene. As a result of all process, five works were produced.

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